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Welcome to Strandcliff - a small 19th century town somewhere on the shore of North Sea. You are a bar keeper in a peculiar tavern, located on the way from town to local harbour. Tired adventurers and local folk often spend time at your place, drinking and spreading stories. Find out their secrets, decide to keep them or to share with other visitors.

Will you care to figure their secrets and find out what ties them all together?

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    The Secret Ties of Strandcliff is a nonlinear narrative detective game. 

    As one of three possible main characters, you keep a bar. Visitors come to your bar to share their stories and thoughts on what's going on around, sometimes they seek help and advise from you. Depending on selected barman people in bar will act differently and there's always something new you can find out about them.

    You uncover their secrets and find what ties them all together, manipulating all the knowledge you got, fiddling with their fates.

   Every every visitor, every story in the game has a number of endings and everything depend only on your choice.

Awarded Best Indie Game and Excellence in Narrative at DevGAMM conference in Minsk 2018.

For more info please visit our social groups or you can contact us directly via e-mail:

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